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We have moved to our New Location and will be celebrating our Grand Opening on June 17th!

Check out our new, state-of-the-art training facility and enjoy free giveaways

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From 9am to 12pm, we will be giving away Door Prizes every 30 minutes that include:
  • Free Supplements
  • ​Free Training Sign Up
  • ​Healthy Snacks
  • ​One Month of Free Training (valued at $1,200)

To enroll for door prizes you must scan the QR code at our Grand Opening.

Join the others who have made a complete body transformation through our fitness training

Just like these people...

Jerry has been able to stop all his medications.

When Jerry started at Iron Therapy, he was 210lbs. Now, he's down to 160lbs and has been able to stop all his blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar medications. He feels the best he's ever felt!

Allen Hofer
I wanted to really crush my diet and get my bodyfat down before my wedding so I made the decision to work with Aaron. I was a little worried about the results at first because it was a new fitness program for me, but with my wedding coming up I knew it was the perfect time to try something new and make things happen. Aaron has been great to work with and makes working out fun. He is very easy to talk to and really listened to what my fitness goals and even my life goals were. He genuinely wants to help his clients.
Bill Raney
Iron Therapy Training has helped me not only lose weight but I was able to get completely off my blood pressure medicine. I not only feel like I look better, I feel better. I have more energy and stamina. My strength and muscle tone have improved greatly in the 6 weeks I have been doing the program. I’m eating better and feeling better than I have in years. Additionally I have gone down two pant sizes as well. Wearing the same waist size I wore in high school which was over 40 years ago!! I have lost 15.8 lbs in 6 weeks. This program works!!
Debbie Allen
Before I started working with Ashley Raney I couldn't go up and down the stairs at work without breathing heavy, even playing with my grandkids I had trouble breathing and moving. I went to Dr. Smith on November 5th, he was impressed with the progress I have made. My blood sugar is almost down to where I can get off my medication. Dr. Smith exact words to me was keep doing what I've been doing, he was impressed with my blood work and wished more people would take their health more seriously.
Alejo Villegas
Aaron is a great trainer. The service he provides is outstanding. He updates your workout program and nutrition plan every month. He knows everyone has different fitness goals and he does not use a one program fits all type of approach. He listens to your goals and creates a plan for your needs and personal goals. He is always there to help and he knows the fitness journey is not easy so he is always there to motivate you and push you to reach your goals. He teaches you along the way about nutrition and exercise to help make the lifestyle change needed to change your life. 
Rayetta Crist
I was diagnosed with Osmotic Demyelination Syndrome and Lewybody Disease almost 3 years ago. My mental & physical health were declining rapidly. I had talked to other trainers & was turned down instantly. Two months ago Aaron returned a call, set up a consultation with my husband & I, and was optimistic that together we could turn things around. It is unbelievable the amount of coordination, balance, and strength I have gained. Not to mention the way he has worked with my many highs & lows of my conditions. I have continued to lose weight and gain confidence along the way.
Ismael Guerra
If you are struggling to do it on your own or always seem to give up after repeated try’s of losing weight, I would recommend stopping in and talking with Iron Therapy Training like I did. I started working with Iron Therapy Training and so far so good. Very great motivators. They keep you accountable of your goals while being disciplined but make it enjoyable to work out and feel comfortable about your self being in the gym at the same time. I am on a journey to lose weight and choosing Iron Therapy by far has been the best investment I’ve made in a long time. Thank you Iron Therapy Training!
A Little More About Us...

Here at Iron Therapy Training, we’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of people get their life and health back. We've helped them to lose weight, move better and get a complete body transformation. 

This success has allowed us to expand our training and move into our NEW location where we are excited to help people across our community make their goals a reality.

If you're ready to get the results you deserve, our team is ready to get you there. Tap below for all the details on our training and how to enroll in FREE Door Prizes at our Grand Opening June 17th!

It All Starts with the First Step
Join us on June 17th from 9am - 12pm for our Grand Opening and experience the difference our training can make in your life.
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